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Phone Master–Junk Clean Master APK v5.5.1.00002


More about Phone Master–Junk Clean Master

Are you fed up with your old slowed-down phone that takes a lot of time to open apps? If yes then you need the Phone Master app to clear out all the junk that is slowing down your phone.

Easy manage junk, trash, and any apps installed on your smartphone to decrease the lag time that you experience when it comes to running your favorite games and apps.

Phone Master APK

Using the Phone Master app you can scan your device to dig out any buried files that you don’t need just sitting there taking up space. Phone master instantly zaps anything you don’t really need.

This way it increases the space on your smartphone allowing you to tap into the full potential your smartphone has in terms of memory. Similarly, this app has a well-designed acceleration system that stops processes from running in the background to avoid reducing your device performance.

Phone Master also adds an app management system that allows you to uninstall apps quickly. Normally you would have to manually remove each game or app, but with this tool, you can select anything you no longer use and uninstall it all at once with a single tap.

This function might seem similar to the DU Speed Booster app. Phone Master comes with a robust antivirus system designed to scan each document on your device for threats.

Quickly eliminate all the elements that could put your device at risk and surf the internet safely. Download this tool you’ll quickly notice how seamlessly you get a tidier smartphone with increased speed and extra safety.

To download the app just click the button above to start the download process. Install the files and your app will be ready to roll. Don’t forget to rate and review the Phone Master app below.




33.4 MB