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JetCompareWishlist For Elementor v1.5.5


The JetCompareWishlist For Elementor plugin is one of the best in the industry if you’re looking to add the compare an wishlist functionality to your WooCommerce store created with Elementor. Jet Compare & Wishlist was created specifically to add 2 unique functionalities to a WordPress website that uses Elementor :

Comparison: easily take 2 or more content pieces, and compare various aspects of them like the pricing, the ratings, the names, and other data attached to them.
Wishlist: it’s a known fact that having a wishlist attached to your WooCommerce website increases your overall revenue.

People can save products, be reminded that there on the wishlist, and purchase when they have the cash to do so.

JetCompareWishlist plugin: Main features

  • Compare products by any data
  • Set the parameters by which you want to compare the products.
  • Display well-organized wishlists
  • Style up the structure and looks of products wishlist according to your goal.
  • Add Compare and Wishlist buttons
  • With Compare and Wishlist buttons the visitors will easily add a product into a list.
  • Show the Compare and Wishlist count
  • Let the customers know the number of times a product was added into a list.

JetCompare & Wishlist Widgets

Wishlist Widget

  • Help the customer add the picked range of products to hold all of them in one page with the help of this widget.
  • Wishlist Count Button
  • Let the amount of picked products be displayed while the user is on the look-out for other goods or services to buy the most suitable ones.
  • Wishlist Button
  • Hitch on the picked goods or services to a complex wishlist with the help of a wishlist button and style it up to your needs.
  • Compare Widget
  • Let users add liked products to their comparison lists, which are formed in the well-structured comparison table with complete information about products.
  • Compare Count Button Widget
  • Display the number of added products in the comparison list in a few clicks with Compare Count Button widget from JetCompareWishlist plugin.
  • Compare Button
  • Add Compare Button widget to custom Single and Archive WooCommerce templates and provide products with the button that allows adding products to the comparison list.

Demo Link: https://crocoblock.com/jetcomparewishlist/