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Plants vs. Zombies v3.4.0


Get ready for soiling the plants for the upcoming hordes of the zombies that are going to invade your house in the beloved game Plants vs Zombies FREE. The game lets the players choose from the 49 of the zombie-killing plants that include peashooters, cherry bombs, walnuts and many more for defeating 26 different zombie types before they have a chance to break the door of your house and Eat Your Brains.

As the name suggest its an Android game where plants are the last line of defense against raging zombies. Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense strategy in which you have to save your house from incoming zombies. Players have to Plant different plants to ward off the zombie waves in order to advance to the next level.


Throughout each round, you must collect sunlight by tapping on orbs that fall from the sky or are produced by sunflowers you plant. Once collected, this sunlight can be spent on growing more plants to lay down on the five lanes which make up your garden.

Zombies advance towards your house on these lanes in the form of waves and you must plant each plant strategically. While things start simply with just a few zombies coming up your lawn, easy to kill. Soon your garden will be filled with zombies of all shapes and sizes. Zombies with helmets, pogo sticks and even strapping themselves to helium-filled balloons and attacking from above.

Your plants are also perfectly suited for every situation that might arise. These plants fire projectiles, freeze, trap and even divert zombies, providing you with a multitude of strategies and techniques. Finding the perfect mix of plants is essential to defeating the incoming zombie waves. You’ll need to carefully balance building up your resources whilst defending your front door.




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