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Clash of Kings v9.10.0


Clash with other online players and creatures in this real-time strategy game. You start off by laying siege to a castle in an attempt to take back your home. As a player, you will go through the process of rebuilding your empire as you set a goal to build a powerful castle base. Once your armies are up to the task you will then need to start conquering new lands. Defeat other players to gain resources and land in Clash of Kings. You will also have to take care of your castle by shoring up your defenses with upgrades to your castle, palace, dragons, and army barracks to withstand even the most powerful attack.


After you fight your way back to your home kingdom, you will have to rebuild all the structures in order to forge an empire. Once you have some basic military and resource building constructed, you are free to rule as you please. Clicking on the various building types shows you what they offer and what the requirements are for building it. There is also a handy info board near the castle that you can click on to get further information. Upgrading those buildings will improve the quality of the resource each institute produces.

By upgrading your buildings you get better troops, then sending those upgraded armies to battle against monsters and other players, which takes place on an expanded multiplayer world map. Upgraded troops have a higher chance of winning battles. In Clash of Kings players can use abilities during battles and call in creatures such as dragons to assist their armies. The battle action now heats up with a new army to fight, four new civilizations to explore and a new Popularity ranking system to dominate. You can create alliances with other online players that will enable you to help each other in times of war.

You can share troops and resources with other players who are your allies. Send gifts to your allies and prompt them to send you gifts backs. You can also send your dragons to a quest to bring you back rare presents. It’s a fun game if you are a fan of strategy games. To download the game just click on the download button and download the game from our secure servers.




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