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Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 APK v1.0.34


Call of Duty Mobile (also known as Legends of War) is the first installment of the 'Call of Duty' saga that attempts to transfer the PC and game console gaming experience to Android smartphones. In other words, just like Modern Warfare or Black Ops, this is a multiplayer FPS in every sense of the word.

More about Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

The most anticipated FPS mobile game of the century Call of Duty: Mobile is here thanks to Tencent gaming. This shooting game’s graphics are awesome and touch controls are surprisingly easy to pick up and play. Moving and shooting feel is top-notch even on older smartphones, with easy access to secondary weapons and abilities. There’s even a “Simple” mode, in which your weapon automatically shoots when aimed at enemies. Click the download button above and start the battle.

Call of duty fans will notice that Activision has bought together popular Modern Warfare and Black Ops maps while converting the keyboard/mouse gameplay to touch controls. This online mobile game has the same flow and combat shooting experience as its console and PC versions. Offers almost the same modes, such as team deathmatch, Domination, and the Gun Game mode where you try to be the first player to rack up one kill apiece with 20 different weapons.

Call Of Duty Battle Royale is another Universe

Call of Duty: Mobile supports two Basic modes that are further divided into their own categories. Battle Royale is free for all 100 player matches in which you have a team of 4 players and you have to survive to the end. The other mode is called the Multiplayer Mode. In this mode, you have a team of 5 Players. 5vs5 matches are brief, however, lasting a few minutes due to the tighter kill and point tallies. New modes keep on adding with the latest updates in Call of Duty: Mobile that arrives with every new season. To find the latest news and new maps visit the developer’s website.

Alongside multiplayer is the 100-player Battle Royale mode, much like Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It’s not the same map, but Call of Duty: Mobile’s large environment similarly integrates locations from its multiplayer maps into the Bigger map of BR. The BR match lasts around a max of 15 minutes given that you survive to the end in Call of Duty: Mobile. And the winner takes home Battle points that improve their rank and overall standing.

There are no annoying pop-up ads in Call of Duty: Mobile and you can play the game as much as you want given that your mobile’s battery doesn’t run out. Once you click the download button above the APK file will download. This game is big and the file size will be large so you will have to wait for the download to complete. Let us know if you enjoyed the game by commenting below. Also, check out other similar FPS shooting games such as PUBG Mobile.

April 2021 Call of Duty Update

The latest game update dropped in April with a substantial in-game update to the features. Switching up the popular mobile shooter with new playlists, modes, seasonal challenges, and events. The latest season is Officially titled Season 3: Tokyo Escape and the latest update was released on April 17 for Android.

It replaced Season 2 and the entire roster of seasonal challenges has steadily been introduced since its release back in March. And as you know with the release of every new season, the slate is wiped clean for the new season. Which sees players immersed in an ancient Japan-inspired theme.

In Season 3: Tokyo Escape you will get a host of new maps, playlists, weapons, and events. And perhaps most exciting is its two new game modes. The first mode is called Night Mode 2.0. You will have to manage to locate and terminate the enemy with a pair of battery-powered night vision goggles. You can no longer leave your goggles on for the entire match, though, and will instead have to use them tactically.

The second season is called Swords & Stones. In this Operators deploy with melee weapons and grenades only. You’ll have to take out enemies for a boost to your movement and attack speed, and fight for the Shadow Blade Operator Skill when it airdrops onto the map. Hope you enjoy the update don’t forget to comment below.




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