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Likee APK v4.4.1


The Likee app is a short video creation platform where users can be creative, share videos, add music to them, and use filters. The app works as a video editor and video sharing platform. You can search for different hashtags and explore content posted by other users worldwide, with the option to filter by location.

User accounts can be created by using a phone number, Facebook, or Instagram account. Date of birth is also required but this information is not shown publicly. Likee features in-app purchases, users can buy 'diamonds’ and gift these as 'beans’. Which can be cashed out of the app for real currency.

Likee app XP

Likee uses levels to encourage users to earn more XP. XP is earned by opening the Likee app every day, watching or posting videos, and making new fans. Or sending gifts to performers or accounts you like or receiving gifts from your fans. Also, there are no age restrictions when signing up for the app. So make sure that your children don’t go for unchecked in-app purchases.

You can use this app in multiple languages with almost all the popular languages covered. You will have four options or tabs for quick navigation. Starting from the Follow button in Likee which will show you all the hit regional accounts to follow. The second tab will show you all the popular videos and you can scroll through them by swiping down. Swipe right to check or like the user who created or uploaded that video.

And then you have Live and Nearby tabs in Likee. The Live tab will show you all the live feeds of different performers and normal people. You can gift them or send them kisses making their feeds more popular. Users also have vs Matches in the Live section and the one with the most likes gets to win. But it still does not beat TikTok.




90.1 MB