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YouTube TV - Watch & Record TV v7.16.3


YouTube TV is a special application, developed by Google. With this app, you will be able to relish television-quality movies live and free. YouTube TV app is the answer to your cable TV entertainment worries. But it is still in the testing phases and might not be available in your area.

It offers a cable TV experience through a variety of devices including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, numerous smart TVs, phones, tablets, and web browsers. This will cost you around $50 a month for almost 75 popular TV channels. YouTube TV is completely separate from YouTube, a free video service with more than two billion users a month.

The online series can be optically discerned in the application. That is in the menu, follow the ordinate dictations to relish them, every day an incipient one is integrated. YouTube TV will sanction us to relish hundreds of movie premieres directly from this terminal from a playlist of music videos to your favorite comedy channels.

YouTube TV User Interface

Its user interface is fairly simple and straightforward. With three main top-level tabs categorized into Library, Home, and Live TV. The Library is where your DVR and bookmarked shows will appear in the YouTube TV app. The Home button shows featured and live thumbnails appear. The Live tab shows currently-playing and upcoming shows. Users can search from the top of any page, which makes it relatively easy to browse and use the app.

The DVR function enables the user to pause and rewind favorite shows. YouTube TV gives users unlimited space to store as many programs as they like, then keep them for nine months. The app also makes it easy to record shows you want.




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