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Wordfence Security Premium v7.10.1


You care about what you build. Protect your websites with the best security available.

Wordfence Premium is the best WordPress site security solution on the market. The application has been installed on more than 30 000 websites and it offers, among other things, unique real-time tracking of attacks.

Premium-level data security for a WordPress page

  • Real-time attack tracking
    Tracks attacks in real-time. The Premium version adds WordFence’s Threat Defense Feed.

  • Website Firewall
    The firewall will stop the attacker even before it reaches the website. The WordFence database is updated automatically to include the latest security threats.
  • Block visitors on a country by country basis
    Country-specific blocking is designed to prevent cyber-attacks, content theft, or other cause of harm in only fractions of a second. Blocking countries that are constantly entering incorrect sign-in or 404 pages is a powerful way to protect your site from attack.

  • Preventing Brute Force Attacks
    Only a glance is enough to understand how many erroneous sign-ins will come to your sites. Wordfence monitors sign-ins and locks all suspected visitors who try to guess your username.

  • Check if the IP address of the site generates spam
    Some messages may remain in junk mail filters is a second website on the same server (shared server environment) sends a lot of junk mail. Wordfence verifies that your site’s IP address is clean and ensures that a shared IP address is not on any spam blocking list.
  • Check if your site is marked as a spam dispatcher
    If your website URL is used to send spam, it may have negative impact on your search engine visibility. Wordfence checks whether your domain is on any spam lists and tells you if your site’s security is compromised or you’ve been sending emails aggressively.

Demo Link: https://www.wordfence.com/